How to keep allergies and mold away!

If anyone in your home is allergy-prone, you will need to learn how to keep mold and allergens away. One in four people suffer from asthma or some kind of allergy; following these tips will help you keep allergies and mold away for a healthier home.

Keep your doors and windows shut

If you like to "air out" your house, you're in reality letting an abundance of allergens into your house. Mold spores and pollen can easily make it through screened doors and windows; keep these closed as much as you possibly can.

Control mold by keeping humidity in check

As you well know, mold thrives in moist locations, so try to keep your home's humidity below or at 50%. If you have a basement, keep a dehumidifier down there; clean your basement, bathrooms, and kitchen often. You may also want to move your plants outdoors as they are often a harbor for allergens and mold.

Install a whole-house filtration system as an add-on to your central heating and cooling

If you're installing a central heat/cooling system for the first time, the cost will be low. Any filtration system you choose should have HEPA filters that are replaceable.

If you can't add a filtration system to your whole house, you can use portable units. These are best used in sleeping areas, and do a very good job of removing mold and other allergens from the air you breathe.

Pay attention to dust mites as well

These are a major allergen to those with asthma; cover your mattress and pillows in hypoallergenic covers and wash your bedding weekly in water 130 degrees or above to further reduce allergens and dust mites.

Check your house for leaks- mice, cockroaches and various allergens can enter through even the smallest crack

Use expanding insulation or caulk around doors and windows, as well as electrical boxes and foundation cracks. Any vent holes should also be covered with screens.

If you are adding new flooring to your home, consider using a hard substrate like laminate, ceramic, hardwood or vinyl

Since you spend over 1/3 of your life in your bedroom, make changes there first. If you insist on having carpet, get it steam cleaned often to keep allergens away. Simply vacuuming won't remove dust mites, and the steam from the carpet cleaner will kill them, aiding in their removal.

Allergies can be an annoying condition, and mold and allergens can further aggravate it. By following the above tips, you won't completely eliminate allergens from your home, but you will greatly reduce them. Your home will become a much more comfortable place to be.